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Radulov says “Forget you” to the reporter who exposed him

Photo from KHL.RU

Alexander Radulov – what a polarizing figure.  I read his interview with Alexei Shevchenko over at KHL.RU this morning.  He was asked about the now infamous “curfew violation” incident in Nashville last year:

You were criticized less [than Kovalchuk is now] when you left Nashville.  Your departure was a little different, to be honest.  Tell us honestly, did you drink that night?

“I did not drink.  You want to know what really happened?  We were in Phoenix, and our hotel was on the other side of town from where you could have dinner.  Practically the whole team was at a restaurant.  Someone left earlier.  I came back 15 minutes later than [the start of] the curfew.  Perhaps it is a violation, but not the one everyone is talking about.”

 But the Americans said firmly – he was drunk.

“Even back then I said ‘Let me take a test and I will prove that I haven’t had even a glass of wine.  I can give blood if you want.’  But I was told that none of that was needed, and that I was drunk.  ‘OK,’ I tell them, ‘you have already made up your mind and I can’t do anything.’”

 Will you confront the journalist you exposed you when you see him?

“I saw him after that.”


“And I didn’t do anything.  You know, if I had lost my cool, it would have been the peak of his career and everyone would have been talking long about it, and I would have been proclaimed to be a troublemaker. But I could tell you about the condition he was in when he accused me of “curfew violation.”  Forget him…”

 Alexander Radulov is no fan of media.  He said if he had to choose between the two evils – North American or Russian media – he’d choose the latter: “I would rather talk to our [Russian] journalists, in my language, and would be very careful when talking to a North American.  There your words can be twisted that it won’t seem like nothing to you, and there are a lot of examples of that.  It is a little different in Russia…”

 Radulov also said that Ilya Bryzgalov should look for a new club, that Ilya Kovalchuk will not regress in the KHL, and that it is too bad that Nashville doesn’t have an NBA team, because he’d gladly go to see them play.