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What would Radulov say if Ovechkin asked him about Trotz?

Talking to my friend Pavel Lysenkov of Sovetsky Sport, Alex Ovechkin joked that he would call Alexander Radulov to ask about the new Washington Capitals’ coach Barry Trotz. What would Radulov say?

That he only has the best opinion of his former coach.

"Bad coaches don’t work at the same club for 15 years." Radulov told Lysenkov today. "When I came to Nashville Trotz helped me a lot. I learned a lot. I became a hockey player. The coach trusted me, called me up from the minors. I have only the best memories of Trotz. This is a new challenge for him [in Washington]. Life changed, he had to go. But he has a lot of ideas that he will be able to realize in Washington."

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